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Verbena Oil


Botanical name : Lippia citriodora (or Aloysia citrodora)
Production process : Distillation with water vapor of Lippia citriodora leaves
N° CAS / EINECS :  85116-63-8 / 8024-12-2 / 285-515-0


Characteristics : 


Physical state : Mobil, limpid liquid
Color : Yellow, amber, orange
Odour : Characteristic, fresh, like lemon
Main components : Citral, Limonene


 available in Organic                    Kosher

Regulatory Documents :


        Conventional   ORGANIC
   Technical Data Sheet
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Harvest Times :


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Harvesting period  


History & Traditions :


Verbena, originally from South America, is grown today in temperate climates such as Morocco. This verbena "citriodora" is very fragrant in comparison with verbena officinale. The first time verbena was brought back to France, it was in the 18th century by a French botanist. It is one of the first species to appear in booklets written by botanists.

It is a shrub 3 meters high, its leaves are deciduous, long, pointed and pale green. They smell a strong lemon odor. Its flowers are white to mauve and small in color.