VTEM skitter

Exaflor, reactivity is essential !

VTEM skitter

Exaflor, reactivity is essential !

VTEM skitter

Exaflor, reactivity is essential !

Essential oils, Absolute


Vegetable oils, Macerates, Flower waters





Respect for the environment and regulator
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Our garanties

Quality & Regulatory

The quality of the goods is our main concern. All our raw materials are controlled with an olfative test, and compared with quality standard of the company. An analytical test is also done on receipt to make sure they match to our internal specifications, based on ISO and AFNOR standard.

Regulatory department provide you documents regarding your products : TDS, MSDS, CoA, Allergen and IFRA.

In an increasingly demanding market regarding the regulation, we assure a permanent regulatory watch to be in compliance with existing legislation. Our products respect the European lesgislation, they are consistent with FEMA, IFRA, and REACH regulation.

Latest News

May 2022

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Exaflor is strengthening its image.

After months of reflection, inspiration, discussions, we are proud to announce the launch of the new EXAFLOR logo as part of the evolution of our corporate image.

Our company has considerably evolved for 25 years since its creation. We wanted to mark this anniversary and then decided it was time for a change. The whole team was able to give their opinions and share their comments to come up with the best version of this logo.

We have renewed our logo to reflect the evolution of our company and represent best our core business: essential oils, their derivatives, and all natural raw materials.

The "green" color is synonymous with naturalness and represents the plant and the various aromatic plants from which our products are obtained. The "orange" color symbolises the volatile part resulting from the extraction process: expressed, distilled, CO2. The shape of the "o" is reminiscent of a drop of essential oil.

The future of our planet is important to us, we have the will to keep on developing new projects in collaboration with our farming partners, to promote the richness of the terroir of our beautiful region. We actively promote local productions, reduce our ecological footprint and improve quality control & traceability of our products.

In fact, our expansion has led us to rethink our purchasing policy, and thus to embark on local productions. We experiment and continue to select plants that can adapt to the climate of our region, theses oils are  under organic certification such as Lavandin abrial, Thyme thuyanol, Peppermint, Monarda fistulosa, Roman chamomile.

Your requirements make us evolve,

We look forward to continuously support you in the future.