Our strengths


We are the trading company specialized in certified Essential Oils, providing our services to industrial companies and laboratories since 1997.

We have built long-term partneships with producers all over the world, India, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Australia, and continue to strengthen our relattionships to ensure greater security of supply.


We provide you our knowledge of the market and our reactivity at your service.


  Competitive prices

  Permanent stock

  Consistent quality

  Short delivery period

  Tailor made service

  High quality and flexibility








We have a wide range of products :

Essential oils (Conventional and Organic)

Vegetable oils / Butter (Conventional and Organic)

Organic Flower Water

Flavours (Germanic partnership)

Fragrances (French partnership)


Our products aren't tested on animals.


Trade policy


We offer to our client the best quality at the most adjusted rates accompagnied by strong logistic and a regular transmission of informations obtained from the origin on the evolution of the market, rates, risks of degradation and improvements.

We have an important storage capacity, and most of our products are held permanently on stock.

We assure to our clients the delivery of the order as soon as possible.


Corporal Social Responsability Approach

CSR is defined as the way in which companies integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into their values, their decision-making and their strategy, to improve their performance.



Within Exaflor, we:

- Take care to organize the sorting and recycling of waste. Indeed, all our used containers are taken to the local waste collection center for recycling.

- We prefer the electronic invoice to the papers. This makes it possible to reduce production costs (purchase of paper, printer, ink cartridges, shipments, etc.) and also to reduce paper production and therefore improve the preservation of forests, reduce the use of ink including production requires a significant pollution release, also to reduce the carbon footprint during invoice shipment.



From a social point of view, within Exaflor, CSR consists of :

- Focus on improving safety at work;
- Contribute to the well-being of employees;
- Develop their skills;
- Promote equality between men and women;
- Foster great ethnic, social and cultural diversity within teams;
- Consolidate youth employment;
- Develop employee incentive schemes for company results and employee savings plans.



Finally, from an economic point of view, within Exaflor, it’s:

- To promote a responsible purchasing policy,
- To respect business ethics and the ethics of the profession.