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Oregano Carvacrol Oil


Botanical name : Origanum vulgare
Production process : Water steam distillation of the flowering tops of Origanum vulgare
N° CAS / EINECS :  84012-247-8 / 336185-21-8 / 281-670-3


Characteristics : 


Physical state : Mobil, limpid Liquid
Color : Yellow, green, brown, dark
Odour : Characteristic
Main components : Carvacrol


 available in Organic 

Regulatory Documents :


        Conventional   ORGANIC
   Technical Data Sheet
   Material Safety Data Sheet             
   Others documents                     

Harvest Times :


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Harvesting period


History & Traditions :


This oregano is native to Europe, especially from the Eastern countries. It has been known since antiquity for its medicinal virtues and for its high taste.

Oregano is a plant up to 80 cm, its stems are red supporting small, oval and green leaves. Its flowers are pink on purple and growing in clusters.