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Evening Primrose Oil


Botanical name : Oenthera biennis L.
Production process : Cold mechanical pressure of the seeds of Oenothera biennis L.
N° CAS / EINECS :  90028-66-33 / - / 289-859-2


Characteristics : 


Physical state : Oily liquid
Color : Light-yellow, yellow
Odour : Characteristic
Main components : Oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid


 available in Organic 

Regulatory Documents :

        Conventional - REFINED
ORGANIC - Virgin
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History & Traditions :


The Evening primrose is native to North America, it was brought back by European botanists in France in 1614. Called "evening primrose" it has many virtues for Man. "Oinos" and "the" in Greek means wine and animals, it allowed to tame the wild animals. It is used in cosmetics and food.  

The evening primerose is a 1.20-meter-tall plant composed of a large stem on which its large yellow flowers grow. Its leaves are long, nervous and light green in color. The fruit is 3 cm in diameter and contains its seeds.