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Amyris (Sandalwood) Oil


Botanical name : Amyris balsamifera L
Production process : Water steam distillation of the wood of Amyris balsamifera
N° CAS / EINECS :  90320-49-3 / 8015-65-4 / 291-076-6


Characteristics : 


Physical state : Clear Mobil liquid
Color : Pale yellow to amber
Odour : Woody, warm, musky
Main components : Valérianol, Eudesmol, Elemol


Regulatory Documents :


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Harvest Times :


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Harvesting period  


History & Traditions :


Often called "Sandalwood West India" that is to say, Haiti, it is actually the family Rutaceae (Citrus), but it has nothing in common with the kind santalum. Sandalwood Amyris was called "wood-candle" to the people of Haiti that the essential oil contained in the wood allows it to burn longer and also grants him a period of very long conservation, even in the tropical sun.

It is a small tree-shaped leafy groves, native to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. It can reach 5 to 10 meters high and lives in the wild, mostly in Haiti.